Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sean Hannity wants you to get it on

I almost can't believe how ridiculous this actually is, but then I realize this is Sean Hannity I'm talking about, so I won't even attempt to make sense out of it.

I was on Hannity's website looking for photo reference for Monday's cartoon, and I came across this link to Hannidate, a service he offers on his website for conservatives to meet and fall in love. It's billed as the, "place where people of like conservative minds can come together to meet. Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with..."

Certainly no hanky-panky going on here. For any pre-marital hook-ups, you'll have to go to a heathen website run by the devil, like

Spaceballs: The Animated Series?

Screw the Clone Wars. MGM TV has commissioned an animated series based on Mel Brooks' 1987 "Spaceballs" movie and sold exclusive rights in the U.S. to Comcast's G4 cable network, according to Vanity Fair.

Get your Schwartz ready.

Caesars new male bartenders looking good in their revealing costumes

In Atlantic City, a judge has ruled in a lawsuit filed in 2005 that Caesars discriminated against male bartenders who were allegedly passed over for Toga Bar positions in favor of younger, less experienced women.

The casting call went out for attractive women who would look good in revealing toga-style costumes and be as sexy as a Roman goddess.

The script included lines such as "I'm your Venus, goddess of love, giver of beauty. Drink my brew and you'll turn into a cutie." Another one was "I am Luna, goddess of the moon and night, although sometimes I work the day shift."

Can't wait to see those male bartenders working at Hooters.

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