Saturday, November 01, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series

So I'm not a Philadelphia Phillies fan. I reserved my sports rooting energy for the Buffalo Bills, and whatever remains I sprinkle onto the Atlanta Braves (long story, but my father was in the Air Force, and no matter where we moved, I could always watch TBS).

However, it's a big deal for the depressed and angry sports fans of this town to finally bring home a championship after years and years of disappointment and resentment that is only rivaled by fans of the Chicago Cubs (call them to tell them how miserable you are when your team goes 100 years without wining it all).

One thing that was cool about this year's World Series was the fact that it was played in the elements. Rain, snow, sub-freezing temperatures. Football teams don't even have it that rough any more in the Corporate Bowl, playing in domes in front of corporate sponsors and friends of John McCain and Barack Obama that can afford the $1,000 tickets and care more about what they're wearing and what party they're going to than the actual outcome of the game. Depressing (sorry Chicago fans).

So even though they're in the Braves division, and even though every time I go to Philly to watch a game I have 7-year-olds throwing food at me and cursing, congrats Philly.

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