Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Jersey Power List 2007

Over at PoliticsNJ, they've published their New Jersey Power List for 2007. I did the caricatures for the top 10 influential individuals on the list. According to the site:

"In developing our list, we eliminated anyone who currently holds elected office, as well as the Judiciary. We also eliminated the living former Governors, United States Senators, and Bill Gormley: we believe that all former statewide officeholders remain highly influential and well respected. This is an Insiders List. We looked at policy makers, party leaders, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor unions, businesses, and associations and have assembled the ultimate list of New Jerseyans with clout, with an impact on politics and government in the Garden State.."

Check out the power list here.

A broken record

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New PoliticsNJ cartoon

My newest cartoon is up at Politics NJ, so go check it out, and leave some comments. As you can see, the people there aren't shy, so tell me what you think!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Coming and Going

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My editors wanted a cartoon to user in the beginning of the summer. I instantly thought of a Norman Rockwell painting entitled Going and Coming, and wanted to play a modern gag off of it. Here's Rockwell's original painting:

I have to say, it's pretty intimating working off Norman Rockwell. Growing up, he was always one of my favorite artists. Kristen and I had the good fortune to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum up in Stockbrigde, Massachusetts. If you thought his paintings were amazing printed, you should see them up close. The layering; the parts where the canvas shows through; seeing his individual brushstrokes. It's pretty amazing.

Anyway, here's my sketch: