Friday, December 15, 2006

No Property Tax Reform for YOU!!!

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Here's my finished cartoon for the Press of Atlantic City covering this pension reform / property tax legislation. It seems to me that at the end of they day, it's all going to be a big 'show about nothing.'

Senate President Richard J. Codey, D-West Orange, and Assembly Speaker Joseph J. Roberts Jr., D-Brooklawn, had pledged to enact significant reforms by Jan. 1, and Gov. Jon S. Corzine pledged in July to call a citizens' convention if action wasn't taken by year's end. But Democrats said they hoped to resume their work on property tax reforms Jan. 8. Meanwhile, the pension reform bill that was also being considered had been gutted and picked apart, and most of the meaning full components, like limiting politicians who have multiple jobs to only one pension, had already been removed {see Sunday's cartoon}.

Luckily, I own a DELAWARE.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A couple of new cartoons

 rob tornoe, tornoe, bolt comics, editorial cartoon, political cartoon, christmas shopping, mall

 rob tornoe, tornoe, bolt comics, editorial cartoon, political cartoon, cable tv, birds on a wire

Here are a couple of new cartoons for NJBiz, the business newspaper I do cartoons regularly for. Their printing schedule is funky at the end of the year, so I had to come up with a Christmas shopping cartoon to cover those last-minute shoppers.

I'd love to say that I'm finished with all of my shopping, but...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Irwin Hasen sings?!?

To any Kubert students who are interested, over on Mike Lynch's blog, he posted up some pics from the National Cartoonist Society's holiday party. There's a lot of cool stuff to be seen. Everything from a pic of the society from 1919, an appearance by Bill Woodman, and our old pal IRWIN HASEN singing Falling Leaves. There's also a shot of him with some lucky lady. He hasn't lost that magic.

Davis takes over Prickly City

For those of you that are interested, check out GoComics to follow Matt Davies' week-long fill-in at the helm of Prickly City. The liberal artist is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Journal News in White Plains, NY, and he was asked by the strip's creator, Scott Stantis, to take over while he's recovering from shoulder surgery. In addition to creating and drawing Prickly City, Stantis is also the editorial cartoonist at the Birmingham News.

From these first two strips, I can't wait to see where Davies will take the conservative strip.