Friday, February 02, 2007

Knock'em out!

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In Atlantic City, the 2nd Legislative District seat is up for grabs, and ever since State Sen. Bill Gormley announced his resignation, a power vacuum has existed in the GOP. Gormley supports Assemblyman Frank Blee, but he is opposed by U.S. Representative Frank LoBiondo. LoBiondo supports Egg Harbor Township Mayor Sonny McCullough.

An interesting plot-line of this opposition involves Gormley's failed attempt to capture the 1994 Republican Congressional primary. He faced LoBiondo in that primary, who eventually was victorious, and many say a rift has existed between them ever since. A claim they both deny.

And waiting patiently on the side to battle whoever emerges is Democratic Assemblyman and former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan. He will be a strong candidate for the democrats, and his position could actually strengthen depending on how heated the battle between Blee and McCullough will become.
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Stay tuned!

Read more about the battle in this story by Press of Atlantic City staff writer Thomas Barlas here.

Pile of Newspapers

Quick sketch of some papers on my desk that I did as I waited for Adobe Creative Suite to upgrade on my computer. I'm designing a new website for the newspaper I work, so I'll post my progress as I go (and what I'm allowed).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Meeting sketch

Just posting a quick sketch I did in a meeting today. All that gibberish floating around is head are notes that I'm supposed to read.

Oh well...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nick Anderson interactive cartoon

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Another animated cartoon, this time from the Houston Chronicle's Nick Anderson. Over on his blog, he's posted a new cartoon that is interactive, and it's exciting to think about what's possible with this new wave of desktop technology, especially with someone as creative as Nick behind it.

You can check out the animated cartoon here.

Will Eisner's new website

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One of my favorite artists, Will Eisner, just got a beautiful new website with lots of cool features, like a page devoted to John Law (currently being written and illustrated by Gary Chaloner, who also designed the new site).

Check out the new site here.

Thanks to The Comics Reporter.

Global warming - convinced?

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With the democrats taking power, there seems to be a lot of chatter on the topic of global warming. Today there's a Reuters article claiming that according to a congressional committee, U.S. scientists were pressured to tailor their writings on global warming to fit the Bush administration's skepticism, in some cases at the behest of a former oil-industry lobbyist. You can read that article here.

Some other interesting articles today on the web:

- California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012

- World scientists near consensus on global warming.

- Scientists preparing grim global warming report

There is also a really cool interactive feature over at the Chicago Tribune by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Salopek, as he traces gasoline sold at a Chicago-area station all the way back to its origins. Check it out here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ann Telnaes animated

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Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist (and fellow AAEC member) Ann Telnaes has just posted her first animated cartoon on her website, joining the increasing number of cartoonists to do animated cartoons for the web.

Of note is the fact that she uses the President's actual voice ala Robert Smigel and his 'Fun with Real Audio' cartoons on SNL.

Thanks to The Daily Cartoonist.

Barbaro is racing on that track in the clouds...

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After pumping in dollar after dollar in hopes of saving their beloved racing horse, the owners of the famed Barbaro decided that enough was enough, and was euthanized at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.

Now, I understand people followed this horse with great admiration, and their grief is sincere. But com'on, he's still a horse! I just don't understand the outpouring of emotion over Barbaro. Jesse and I had a discussion about this at work, and it speaks to the owner's intent. There has been a ground-swell of support for Roy and Gretchen Jackson, and how they should be commended for throwing so much money into saving Barbaro. The fact of the matter is they were motivated to save him in some part so Barbaro could become a stud, breed, and turn into a healthy investment for the couple.

I don't know, perhaps I'm cynical about the whole thing, and the tremendous media push behind Barbaro's "heroism" angers me even more. But then when I hear Representative Mike Castle (R-Del) remember the "brave and heroic life of Barbaro" on the floor of the House of Representatives, I know things have gotten out of control (statement can be read here).

I mean, I don't even think Mr. Ed. garnered this much attention when he passed on. And he could talk!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Watch Property Tax Reform vanish...right before you eyes!

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Well, thanks to New Jersey's wonderful legislature, it appears that any property tax reform is going to be temporary. I think the change from calling it "Property Tax Reform" to a "Property Tax Credit" is appropriate, giving its short-term nature. Sure, most people earning $100,000 or less would receive a 20-percent tax credit, but there is nothing built in to fix the problems that cause New Jerseyans to have high property taxes in the first place. Nothing's been done to keep property-tax increases down or to free up more funds for the future.

In the end, it's all just smoke and mirrors, an elaborate series of events that will get money into the voter's pockets just at there set to determine who they will support in the upcoming elections.

Here's the sketch:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Photo of the Day begins TODAY!

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And what a glorious first Photo of the day it is. Because of popular demand to post my photos, I've decided to start an experiment. On the right of my blog, you will see the Photo of the Day. It will be updated daily, and will link to my newly created Flickr account where you can comment. Check back daily, b/c you never know who will be popping up next...including yourself