Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Jersey: Codeword: Machiavelli

The latest must-read story out of New Jersey is from Gannett's Tom Baldwin about a Republican candidate for West Deptford Township Committeeman, Michael Krawitz, who told Governor Corzine's receptionist that he was George Norcross, the top Democratic Party power broker in South Jersey, influential from Camden to Cape May. Guess what? Krawtiz quickly found himself speaking with Jon Corzine.

You can see the story here
. Some excerpts:

(Michael) Krawitz said he'd been calling Corzine for almost a year, wanting to divulge allegations of political corruption. "They would never put me through," he said. "So this one time in September I called and said, "Is Jon there?' And the lady says, "Who is calling?' And I say "George.' She says, "George who?' I say, "George Norcross.'

"... Right away I was talking to Jon Corzine," said Krawitz. "I asked him, "How can you take a call and talk to George Norcross but not the average New Jersey citizen?"'

About a week after the 30-second call, said Krawitz, State Police called him back on his cell phone, and they agreed to meet at a Woodbury Heights gas station.

"They asked me why I called the governor, and I said there is a lot of corruption that is not being discussed," he said. "They said, "Do you want to harm the governor in any way?' I said, "No, he does a good job of that by himself by not wearing a seat belt."

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John McCain as The Penguin

This video is still making me laugh. Brilliant!