Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

Yeah! We can watch the Patriots kill the Giants!!!

God I hate the Patriots!!! You don't know how hard it was to draw someone in a Tom Brady jersey for today's cartoon over at PolitickerVT, but I'm a professional so I do what I must. It's too bad the Bills weren't able to upend the Giants, so they would have something to play for against the 15-0 New Englanders. I'm with Don Shula...let's not let them go 19-0!!!!

And here's the sketch:

Patriots' game will be available on network TV
Vermont Public Radio

I hate Tom Brady
Behind the Dugout

Is School Consolidation the way to go?

Well, Christmas is over, and we're back up and running at the Politicker. Here's today's cartoon for PolitickerME, where their School Consolidation Plan is just a big, stinkin' mess!

And here's the sketch:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Appologies to Bill Watterson

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During the campaign for his senate seat, Jeff Van Drew had to no-deny deny allegations that he was interested in running against Frank LoBiondo in 2008. Now, the closer and closer we creep to the beginning of the new year, the more those questions seem to be raised by politicos in the southern part of New Jersey.

Here's another cartoon I did for PolitickerNJ on the same subject:

I for one am hoping he doesn't decide to run, because Wheelan and Van Drew together are like South Jersey's version of Calvin & Hobbies, and I want to milk it for all it's worth :)

PolitickerNJ Year in Review 2007

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And we're back!!!!! Sorry for the long hiatus, but I took some time off to visit family and enjoy Christmas, and now I'm back with a link to PolitickerNJ's The Year in Review 2007, their annual lists of Winners & Losers of the Year, Politician of the Year, Best & Worst Campaigns, Best Operatives, People to Watch, and much more. They even designate the Rudest Person Alive!

You have to sign up for their Morning Wake-up Call service to download the pdf, but it's well worth it, and features some cartoons from you-know-who.