Saturday, March 07, 2009

Who Watches the New Jersey Labor Unions?

It's always great when I can squeeze a movie reference into my cartoons.

In New Jersey, the state labor unions are fiercely opposing Gov. Jon Corzine's call for a wage freeze and 12 days of furloughs to save $400 million in the next budget.

This despite the fact that Corzine threatens to lay off up to 7,000 state employees the unions reject his plan.

I just think the unions are being greedy, and seem willing to sacrifice jobs so they don't have to give up concessions in their contract negotiation. I mean, bloods running in the streets of New Jersey private enterprise, yet the labor unions are attempting to make the case that it's too painful for state workers to give up a FUTURE increase, even as Corzine attempts to come up with solutions that don't involve massive layoffs.

"State workers understand that everybody has to do their fair share to solve this historic budget crisis," says Bob Master, spokesman for the biggest state employee union, the Communication Workers of America.

So why not act like it?