Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Nappy-Headed Ho

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If you haven't heard, Sonny McCullough, the acting state senator in the 2nd district that took over Bill Gormely's empty seat, told an off-color joke to PoliticNJ's Max Pizarro during an interview in Atlantic County last week.

As reported by the Press of Atlantic City this morning:

"Max Pizarro of, told The Press of Atlantic City that he and McCullough were outside a Chinese restaurant earlier this week when the senator broke into a story about how he ran into an Asian couple at the mall whom he had married a year earlier as Egg Harbor Township mayor. As Pizarro relayed the joke, the couple pushed a stroller carrying a black baby, McCullough asked the baby's name and the mother replied, 'Sum Ting Wong'"

To me, the joke isn't terrible, and I think the democrats, in full campaign mode, are of course overreacting. That doesn't mean that McCullough is an idiot for saying it. He was already facing a tough fight against the former mayor of Atlantic City, Jim Wheelan. We'll have to see if this becomes his "Macaca" moment.

Dems slam McCullough for racist joke

McCullough: Sorry for dumb joke

In Atlantic Senate contest, the brawl goes on

UPDATE: Those of you that logged on this morning might have noticed that I originally drew this cartoon with Joe Biden offering McCullough the shoehorn. I talked to my editor, and we decided that it might be funnier to New Jersey readers if we changed Biden to Imus, fresh from his Rutgers "Nappy-Headed ho" incident. It is now changed, in my opinion for the better (I love having awesome editors), but the original version can be seen below:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Senator Vitter, you rascal

Mad props go to Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I was going to do a cartoon on this, but just didn't have the time, plus too much local stuff going on that I wanted to cover (Sunny McCullough making racist jokes). But I laughed loud at this cartoon for a solid ten minutes, and I felt the need to share it.

Mad props to you Luckovich!

Cartoon provided by American Association of Editorial Cartoonists

Too many hospital beds in New Jersey

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Here's a cartoon I did for NJBiz for a story involving a gluttony of hospital beds at certain hospitals throughout New Jersey.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Newest PoliticsNJ cartoon

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Just like every Wednesday around these parts, my new cartoon is online at PoliticsNJ. If you get a chance, leave me a message over there and tell me what you think.

Here's the sketch:

Tulsa World cartoonist dies in car accident

I just finished reading on The Daily Cartoonist that Doug Marlette, the staff editorial cartoonist for the Tulsa World, died this morning in a car crash. Marlette went to work for the World in 2006 to replace David Simpson, who was dismissed due to plagiarism. According to the Tulsa World, Marlette is survived by his wife, Melinda, and an adult son, Jackson.

He will definitely be missed, not only by his family, and his fans around the country, but by all of his cartooning peers, who from talking to them hold him in high esteem.

From Editor and Publisher, Nick Anderson, the staff cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle and president-elect of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, told them in an e-mail:

"This is really shocking. He was only 57. It's a loss to the world of cartooning. He was a respected member of our profession. There will be a conspicuous absence on the pages of American newspapers. I'd like to extend my sympathies to his family."

Doug Marlette, World editorial cartoonist, dies in Mississippi accident
- The Tulsa World

Doug Marlette Dead After Mississippi Car Accident
- The Daily Cartoonist

Cartoonist Doug Marlette Dies in Car Accident
- Editor & Publisher

A slideshow of recent cartoons
- The Tulsa World

I thought I marked it "private"

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I'm sure you all have heard by now about the plight of Miss New Jersey. For those of you that haven't, Amy Polumbo, the current Miss New Jersey, was mailed a batch of photos that she posted on the social-networking website Facebook. The person that has mailed them continues to be anonymous, and has called for her resignation last month.

And posted today, a story from the Press of Atlantic City reveals that a person or group calling itself the Committee to Save Miss America was behind an alleged blackmail threat demanding Miss New Jersey relinquish her crown, according to a pageant spokeswoman.

So of course, I thought it would be fun to play it off of Corzine's back-and-forth action in terms of New Jersey's powerful labor unions. Seems he still can't shake Carla Katz away, even as he contends in court papers filed today that his e-mail exchanges with his former girlfriend and labor union leader during recent state worker contract negotiations are not subject to disclosure under the state's open records law.

On the web:

‘Committee' sent threat to Miss N.J.

Corzine tells court Katz e-mails should stay private

Here's the sketch:

Monday, July 09, 2007

Transform and roll out...pollution!

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I'm officially back from Washington and this year's American Association of Editorial Cartoonists' convention. I have some pictures I'll post soon, I swear!

Speaking on this cartoon, I haven't seen the new Transformers, and other than a morbid curiosity, I really don't have any intention to. The Transformers themselves look terrible. And it's directed by Michael Bay, so it's already got a couple of really crappy things going for it.

However, I would go see it if Optimus Prime looked like this:

Here's the sketch: