Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Cartoon News Blog at Cagle Cartoons

It's official. You can now check out my Cartoon News Blog over at Cagle's Cartoons website, where I'll be covering all aspects of art and politics, be it illustrations, animation or political cartoons.

Check it out here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

“Working at the Daily News has been like living with an incompetent, terminally ill relative.”

So says Patrick O'Connor, the former editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Daily News. Patrick was laid off after 8 and a half years with the Daily News along with 9 other employees.

In an interview conducted by Alan Gardner at The Daily Cartoonist, Patrick talks about being let go, severance caps, and facing the bleak future of editorial cartooning.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Ah shoot, I've got a lot of questions."

"Ah shoot. I've got a lot of questions."

And so Joe the Plumber, War Correspondent for PJTV, arrives in Israel to spout non-licensed plumber wisdom on whoever is willing to listen.

Joe says, like Israel, he was a victim of media bias and can't understand why Israel didn't strike back sooner: "I know if I were a citizen here, I'd be damned upset."

He also took time to lecture his fellow reporters about journalism in wartime, saying, "...media should be abolished to reporting."

Then what are you doing there?

Here's my cartoon for Editor & Publisher about Joe:

H/T - The E&P Pub