Friday, December 21, 2007

The Environmental Pissing Agency

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Here's today's cartoon over at PolitickerVT.

The Environmental Protection Agency has said no to California's bid for first-in-the-nation greenhouse gas limits on cars, trucks and SUVs. This is a blow to the face of California, Vermont, and 15 other states seeking stricter car regulations in order to reach anti-pollution goals.

What happened to all these Republicans being for 'states rights'? Thanks Bush!

Vermont will challenge EPA on auto emissions rules
Vermont Public Radio

Bush Backs EPA's Refusal To Let CA Pass Emission Law
Huffington Post

Vermont Governor: EPA Emissions Ruling Misguided

How Baldacci Stole Christmas

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Here's today's cartoon over at PolitickerMD.

And here are a couple fo links as to why Baldacci is such a Grinch:

Eyeing budget shortfall, governor orders $38 million in cuts
Boston Globe

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why won't Obama and Edwards appear on Fox?

A friend of mine just forwarded me this video on YouTube. It's amazing. I wonder why Edwards and Obama won't appear on Fox Noise?

Gordon Smith to Trent Lott: Can I have a job?

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Here's a bonus toon this week for PolitickerOR.

Whatever. This would be fine, except that in 2002, he said Trent Lott’s comments were deeply offensive and that he did the right thing by stepping down. Whoops!

Here's what Steve Novick spokesman Jake Weigler told PolitickerOR:
"Smith's refusal to express regrets for his role in rehabilitating Trent Lott's image just in time for Lott to jump through the revolving door to become a lobbyist should surprise no one.”

Gordon Smith Defends Lott's Segregationist Comments
Huffington Post

Smith in hot water for comments on Lott

Why do we fall down? To pick ourselves back up

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There is a trailer out now for the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, coming to theatres next summer. As much as I love Batman, Batman Begins failed in so many ways, that it just pales in comparison to the Animated Series.

So watching this new trailer, there are things I liked, and things I didn't like. But here's a quick list of things that I hope are nowhere to be seen in The Dark Knight:

1. Batman driving the Batmobile on rooftops in Gotham. Can't he keep a bit of a lower profile?

2. Alfred asking, "Why do we fall down?" I get it Alfred. Your wise beyond your position. Here's a hint: Quit your job and go write some books or something.

3. Let's work a bit harder on the dialogue this time around, so Batman isn't reduced to explaining the plot to the audience in a silly voice.

4. More Gary Oldman. Why not do a movie based on Frank Miller's year one? (when Frank could still write)

5. Maybe Rutger Hauer could come back as an android and, oh wait...I'm thinking of a much better movie.

I hope this new movie is good. But if I don't like it, I'm sure my friends will claim it's because it's not in black & white.


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Here's a bonus toon for the launch this week at
"They are under my command essentially. It is extremely helpful to me to see this on the ground."

That's Governor Ritter talking about Colorado troops in Iraq. for the record, the troops are not under the command of any Governor. If that were the case then the 29 Democratic governors could have ordered their state’s troops home a long time ago and ended the war.

The Governor’s of the various states command nothing, essentially, with all due respect to Commander Ritter. And Democrats need to learn that they can’t be for the war and against it at the same time.

And that's why he brings back thoughts of this guy:

Ritter Takes Command in Iraq

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do as I say, not as I do...or would like to do

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Oh, those lovable republicans, saying one thing and doing another. We always hear them railing against democrats for "legislating from the bench," so I guess they figure it's their turn.

Check out my toon at

GOP legislators sue to invalidate special session
Baltimore Sun

Who's eating Tapioca in the New Jersey Senate?

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Here's today's cartoon over at PolitickerNJ.

Oh, those feisty Republicans are ready to take over in Trenton. Check out this quote from Kevin O’Toole, one of the nine freshmen senators in the Senate Republican caucus:
"The sleepy little place where they had oxygen and tapioca sent to the Senate caucus, that's not going to happen anymore,"

O'Toole must be right, because he agrees with us

Corzine welcomes GOP's new blood

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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What are the republicans in the senate doing now to screw the good people of Oregon? Find out now only at

Senate drops timber payments from energy bill

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jared Polis: Human Target

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Welcome the newest member to the Politicker family,

Above is a link to my first cartoon there. Jared Polis has made a couple of political missteps lately.

First, he introduces a new ad campaign ripping defense contractors and “war profiteers” for prolonging the Iraq War in the name of corporate greed. It might be an effective commercial, except that his congressional campaign admitted on the day it was released that Polis has invested in at least two companies targeted in the ad:

Also in the ad, we clearly see him in Iraq. But he claimed that his trip to Iraq wasn't a publicity stunt, and that in fact is was a United Way trip?

Polis portfolio contains two companies he's attacked
Rocky Mountain News