Monday, January 01, 2007

NFL comes down "hard" on steroids

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I think the NFL's policy regarding steroid use is ridiculous. Not only do players only get a 4-game suspension for their first positive test, they are seemingly unaffected in the public popularity bowl. Does anyone think of Julius Peppers as a steroid user?

Chirs Collingsworth wrote a ridiculous article, that you can read here, where he goes on and on about how the NFL has the BEST steroid testing policy, and celebrates the league for "take(ing) great pride in the way NFL has handled the steroids issue."

Somehow, the physical nature of the game has allowed fans to remain mum about the issue of steroids. In all other sports, players (rightfully so) are tarred and feathered out if they are caught cheating. Football should be no different, and we need to hold the players that are caught accountable.

Unless they play for the Buffalo Bills.

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