Friday, January 19, 2007

Whelan on deck

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A little Atlantic City politics for you fine folks today. NJ State Senator Bill Gormley announced that he would step down on February 15, allowing his Republican successor to get on the job before having to run for "re-election" in November. This has caused a scramble in the Republican party in an attempt to fill the power vacuum. Gormley and U.S. Representative Frank LoBiondo disagree on who should succeed Gormley, and the two are backing different candidates to fill the 2nd Legislative District seat.

Gormley backs Assemblyman Frank Blee, while LoBiondo is in favor of Egg Harbor Township Mayor Sonny McCullough. Since Gormley and LoBiondo are bitter rivals, stemming from the 1994 Republican primary that LoBiondo won amid allegations of ethical abuses and federal election-law violations, don’t expect this to go well.

And waiting patiently on the side to battle whoever emerges is Democratic Assemblyman and former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan.

This should be fun. It’s great to be a cartoonist!

If you want to read more, there’s an article on the Press of AC’s website by Thomas Barlas that you can check out here.

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NJSoHo said...

You nailed Whelan. He was a great Mayor, so who ever faces him in the election in November is bound to lose, no mater WHO Gormley supports!