Thursday, February 22, 2007

You scratch my back...

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Well, Corzine finally reached a much-promised agreement with state employees and labor unions. The deal would caused workers to contribute 1.5 percent of their annual salary to health care, a first for the state. The Minimum retirement age also increases for new hires from 55 to 60.

But in order to get the deal done, Corzine had to agree to give employees a 13.6 percent wage increase over 4 years; 3 percent in the first two years and 3.5 percent in the last two.

This just drives me crazy, not only because it is guaranteed wage hikes even when the state is facing an enormous debt problem (how many of us "private" employees would be offered the same guaranteed increase), but because Corzine promised hard negotiations to drive down the costs of state employees passed along to the taxpayers. And on top of that, as Bob Ingle of the Asbury Park Press notes on his blog, some union leaders are already griping about having to pay 1.5 percent of their annual salary to health costs, when most private employees have to pay 7, 8, 10 percent or more.

Here's the sketch:


Anonymous said...

Great cartoon. The new agreement is just more of the same, state workers and unions making more money, and taxpayers being squeezed.

NJSoHo said...

You know how I know this is a great cartoon? I know it's going to piss off state employees

Enlighten-NewJersey said...

Great cartoon! Perhaps you could update it to reflect the average 35 percent salary increase New Jersey state workers will be getting under this new contract - 13.6 percent in wage scale increases, the balance in incremental salary increases. The average state worker now making $54,742 per year will be getting $73,902 in pay when the union contract expires in 2010.