Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rove is finally being dragged down

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Here's the sketch:


Anonymous said...

Great cartoon! I can't wait to see this fat, bloated, waste of a life excuse for filth finally get his come-upins.

5th Estate said...

Rob, that's really inspired--very,very clever!
Just cisited your blog, added it to my Internent faves and feel obliged to add it to my blogroll too.
Interesting post about Corzine's ex-squeeze. All in all Corzine IMHO not the worst NJ Gov. but I have to admit to not paying as much attention to NJ politics as I have to national politics. Not sure on whom that nugget reflects most poorly on, Corzine or his ex-girlfriend but my greater disgust would fall on Corzine--he's the public servant after all.

Anywhoo, clearly time for me to pay more attention to neighbourhood politics. From by brief visit to your blog thus far it would appear that you are more interested in honesty than political loyalty.

So, great job, I envy you your skill. Myself I just don;t have the skill and discipline to be so pithy. The best I can do is to photoshop and then explain at length with many words.

Thus ever on the lookout for affirmation from those more skilled than I, I humbly append the following links in a blatant example of blogwhoring.
Not up to your standard of precise graphic commentary and insight, but these posts did garner some favourable responses and you might find them amusing.

Regardlessm I'm most impressed and will visit your blog as often as possible without further self-promotion.

Great work on your part.

NJSoHo said...

Great cartoon!

whippingpost said...

Great cartoon! Incredible idea! If only it could happen in real life...

The Noosance said...

Well done, although I hope we're closer to his downfall than that.