Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Illustration in today's Philadelphia Inquirer

rob tornoe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Jonathan Meade, Highlands Coalition

Here's an illustration I did to accompany a commentary in today's Philadelphia Inquirer by John Haigis, who serves on the Darby Borough Historical Commission and is the webmaster of The Darby History website.

The article is about the lessons we can learn about slavery from an archeological dig going on at the President's House in Philadelphia. It discusses one of Washington's slaves, named Hercules, who was considered a well-off slave. He was allowed to sell leftover food, earning about $200 a year. With that money he bought clothing, a watch, buckles for his shoes and even a cane.

If you're interested in reading the article, then go check it out here.

Here are some additional ideas I came up with before my editor went with the final one. Thought you might find them interesting:

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Anonymous said...

Cool sketches. I like the idea of the slave being in the gallows of a $1 dollar bill.