Monday, May 28, 2007

The Breakup

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For those of you that might not have heard, a report from the The New York Times stated that Gov. Corzine gave union leader Carla Katz more than $6 million at the end of their two-year relationship in 2004. This of couse revives questions of impropriety that have circled around the two lovebirds.

They weren't married, so why did Corzine feel the need to give Katz $6 million after two years? Is he just a generous guy? Is he silencing her? He has been shifty when asked about it, and only owned up to giving her $470,000 to pay off her house before this new amount came to light.

How much will he have given her before it's all said and done?

And how much influence did it buy?

Romance Over, Union Chief Has Corzine’s Number

Report: Corzine gives Katz $6 million

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Anonymous said...

Haha- great toon. You have to ask yourself "What did he buy with that $6 million dollars?"

I mean, Corzine is rich, but that's a bit too generous.