Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dumb terrorist plot foiled

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By now you all must have heard about the foiled plot by 6 self-titled "terrorists" that targeted Ft. Dix in New Jersey. For those of you that haven't, check out the news links below for the story and a video of Chris Christie talking about it.

What struck me about this whole situation is how they're touting it as a "Homeland Security works" advertisement, but they didn't catch the terrorist driving around Ft. Dix as a pizza delivery man, making detailed maps and determining where and how to hit. Nor did they intercept phone calls or catch them casing out other potential targets, like Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

They were caught because the 6 morons brought a VHS tape into a video store in Mount Laurel and asked the clerk to transfer the contents to DVD. The clerk watched the tape, which included 10 men shooting assault rifles and calling "Allah Akbar" ("God is great"). He called local police, and then the police got in tough with the FBI, and then the FBI infiltrated their group and ultimately apprehended them.

So dumb terrorists beware. If you plot an attack on any American target, we'll catch you. Provided you're dumb enough to leave us some obvious clues.

Fort Dix Terror Plot Thwarted

Six arrests thwart attack on Fort Dix

U.S. Attorney Discusses Arrests (video)

Here's the sketch:

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