Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pass me the six-pack

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The concert season opened in May with a Gwen Stefani concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center that numerous minors were hospitalized for due to drinking. Local and state politicians went crazy, and really stressed that underage drinkers would be targeted and caught, and publicized the fact that there would be an added state police presence at the arts center parking lots.

Well, all of that attention occurred, and this week state police made numerous arrests for underage drinking outside the Fall Out Boy concert. But one thing that added state police presence hasn't done...stopped kids from drinking in the parking lot. Or attending with an older friend, and having them buy beer for them at concessions.

Here's just a taste of the media frenzy:

Cops Targeting Underage Drinking at PNC Bank Arts Center

Police clamp down at PNC Bank Arts Center

PNC Bank Arts Center to crack down on teen drinking

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TomsRiverBoater said...

Great cartoon. The underage drinking is really an issue. Every concert it seems like they're arresting 20-25 kids, but nothing seems to change. I don't know if it's apthy on part of the teenagers, or the local and state police not doing a good enough job scanning the parking lots.

I just hope the situation improves.