Thursday, July 19, 2007

Did he torture dogs left handed too?

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Well, it's finally happened. Michael Vick, the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he sponsored a dogfighting operation where dogs were housed, trained and fought at a property owned by Vick in Surry County, Va.

And it doesn't just stop with dogfighting. It gets a bit more grisly, with the loser of the fight either dying in the pit, being soaked and then electrocuted, drowned, hanged or shot.

It's a disastrous allegation for Vick, who according to Judy Battista of The New York Times, stands to lose quite a deal of wealth, not to mention freedom, if found guilty. Since he joined the N.F.L. in 2001, Vick’s No. 7 jersey had been among the top five sellers among all players. Not to mention his many lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Hasbro and Kraft, among others.

I guess that Madden curse is real...

Vick Indictment a Predicament for the N.F.L.
The New York Times

Indictment puts Vick's earning power in limbo

And here's the clip of the dog being hit during the Tour de France. Not to worry, the dog came out of it unharmed, which is more than can be said for Vick's pups:


Anonymous said...

I didn't really get it until I saw the video. Brilliant!

I've seen three or four cartoons around the net with Vick getting bit in the ass by his dog. It's nice to see something different

Will this be in Saturday's paper?

Matt said...

Thanks for the comment on, and the interest in, "The Nasty Boys!" Your cartoon was quite funny and very timely. Maybe we'll speak on the 'Madden Curse' in detail regarding Vick, and others.

Thanks again!

"The Nasty Boys' Sports Blog"

Trina said...

I hope Vick gets gang raped in prison and all his bones broken. And I hope Clinton Portis (and any other knuckle dragger who "supports" Vick) gets run over by a car. Not lethally - just enough to end his career and make sure he's in pain the rest of his life. If I had enough money, I'd pay to ensure these things were done.

Rob Tornoe said...

I was waiting for your comment 'K'

I'm impressed that you know who Clinton Portis is. And yes, I agree with you about Michael Vick. He's no Jim Kelly.

Trina said...

You know me. Always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, and full of forgiveness.

Sadly, though I don't remember *why*, I liked Portis up until now (I gained some random nonspecific goodwill towards him at some point. Maybe he ran when I yelled "run" at the tv?). Or maybe I thought he was cute. Regardless, he's on my Fuck Off And Die list from now until eternity.

Rob Tornoe said...

Not a good list to be on