Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PNC Bank Arts Center

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The PNC Bank Arts Center has become party central for concert goers in central New Jersey. According to the Star-Ledger, "Somewhere between Barry Manilow and Ozzy Osbourne, the arts center developed a reputation among the young and not so young as the place in Central Jersey to drink or get high before a concert."

But effective last Friday, alcohol has been banned in the parking lot. Why? Because two people died and more than 80 people were arrested last Thursday night at an Ozzfest concert.

The two men, 26 and 24 years old, dies of a combination of drinking and drug use, specifically cocaine. Everyone is pushing for beefed-up police and a strong anti-drinking message, but as long as they sell beer at inflated prices in the venue, can they really claim they care about change?


Anonymous said...

They're just a bunch of hypocrites trying to make a buck, just like everyone else. I've been to many concerts where smoking pot was overlooked, and they didn't care. If they're going to ban drinking in the lots, then they should not sell it in the concerts.

Anonymous said...

binge drinking is cool

Anonymous said...

mmmm.....drinkin' is bad, m'okay...

Christine Marucci said...

that ban is ridiculous - especially for those of us who are over 21 and not completely retarded. They have no way to enforce it, and it's just a silly scare tactic to appease the unfortunate families of the deceased...i went on the first day of the ban and had no problem .

here's the latest news on the alcohol ban:

PNC Bank Alcohol Ban

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Kristen said...

This idea must have been thought up by a creative genius. I'm shocked that you don't give credit where it's due.