Friday, August 10, 2007

Which one do you want batting for your team?

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Corzine continues to make the claim that he's changing the tone of Trenton, and that he's for an open and transparent government. Then he does things like go to court to prevent emails between himself and Carla Katz to be released to the public and hold the secret of 'monetizing' our toll roads so tightly that he's practically suffocated the entire thing.

The emails with Katz matter because she has opened up and admitted that she discussed policy with Corzine in them, contradicting Corzine that the emails were strictly personal. Apparently according to the Star-Ledger, Katz lobbied Corzine on several points, including complaints about the slow pace of negotiations and to address several issues specific to her local. Then, Corzine mysteriously made vanish the 1.5% cost to unions for their health care benefit. Mysterious because is was the main thing Katz opposed.

On to monetization...just tell the people of New Jersey what your thinking. Here's a hint; they may like it! With all of this secrecy and back room dealing (Tom Shea, his chief-of-staff, stepped down and is now on the Governor's private dime to be an adviser), you've done whatever plan you have an huge disservice. You have candidates rallying groups of people against it, people are signing petitions, and there is an almost fanatical GOP just drooling at the mouth to run against it. It's quickly getting out of hand.

And as for Bonds...well, he's a steroid-shooting bloated head freak, and deserves to own the all-time home run record as much as Osama Bin Laden.

Here's the sketch:

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Anonymous said...

That's one overlooked thing with Bonds and steroids...that he gets to wear that fricking battle armor at the plate.

He's better equipped than most of the troops in Iraq!