Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trip to Buffalo

Well, as promised, here are some choice snaps from our recent visit to wild and crazy Buffalo, NY. The only thing I regret is not being able to take a picture of the scoreboard of a Bills victory.

Before we leave, do you make your sandwich, or undress yourself? How about both!

Data-Lore and Jones try desperately to put the Ricky Gervais podcast onto the iPod in a Ruby Tuesday's parking lot. Yeah, it was that kind-of trip.

I had to stop by the Buffalo News while I was in town.

Jones standing outside The Anchor Bar, home of the original buffalo wings.

Man, I can't describe how good this place smelled from the outside.

No inch of the interior of this place went unused.

Remember when the Bills were good enough to grace the cover of the Wheaties cereal boxes?

Inside the Anchor Bar's dining room.

Anyone want wings?

Jones is excited about today's game.

The traffic was so crazy on the way to the stadium, people were reduced to pissing in the trees on the side of the highway.

Something you wouldn't have seen on ESPN.

Or this.


And we're finally here.

Jones and Data-Lore await the start of the game.

The Bills practice before the game.

Extra bonus: Thurman Thomas getting his Hall of Fame ring at halftime

Reggie might not need those hot dogs after all.


Anonymous said...

T.O. Swallows...great, cause he does

Trina said...

Clearly 2 of 2 was channeling someone there in that parking lot...