Monday, November 12, 2007

Katz is talking...again

Everyone's favorite labor leader and ex-governor's fling Carla Katz has begun a new blog today over at PolitickerNJ. She tackles New Jersey's civil union law, its omission of the 'M' word, and criticizes her ex-fling Corzine along the way. It's good, but I want more Margolin bashing!!!

I did a cartoon a while back for the Press about our little heiress.

rob tornoe, tornoe, political cartoon, press of atlantic city, carla katz, jon corzine

I bet Dana McGreevey wishes she could trade places with Carla. Not only is she scarred from her ex's rest-stop rhomps that Larry Craig only wishes he could be part of, she can't even squeeze any money from the louse. Meanwhile, Carla's swimming in it.

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