Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Future budget crisis insurance enclosed

Here is a link to today's cartoon over at PolitickerOR.

Education in Orgeon is underfunded because the state has absolutely no savings or rainy day fund for when the economy goes sour. Oregonians love getting money back from the government in the form of a kicker check, but they also cry foul that our schools are falling apart because we don't fund education from property taxes - they get their money from the general fund.

Since the kicker checks went out there have been numerous ads and columns on how and where you can donate your kicker money to the community. Here's a quote from a press release from the Oregon Center for Public Policy:
Oregon is the only state in the country with a law that automatically "kicks back" revenue to taxpayers when it exceeds the state's forecast for the two-year budget period by 2 percent or more. This year's kicker refund -- the largest ever at about $1.1 billion and 18.6 percent of taxpayers' 2006 liability -- is being sent out between now and December 15.

Here's the sketch:

Kicker sends message: “We don’t have the political will”
Oregon Center for Public Policy

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