Friday, December 28, 2007

Yeah! We can watch the Patriots kill the Giants!!!

God I hate the Patriots!!! You don't know how hard it was to draw someone in a Tom Brady jersey for today's cartoon over at PolitickerVT, but I'm a professional so I do what I must. It's too bad the Bills weren't able to upend the Giants, so they would have something to play for against the 15-0 New Englanders. I'm with Don Shula...let's not let them go 19-0!!!!

And here's the sketch:

Patriots' game will be available on network TV
Vermont Public Radio

I hate Tom Brady
Behind the Dugout


John said...

Gosh, this game is going to blow... aaargghh

John said...

Gosh, this game is gong to blow... aaargghh