Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get'em while they're hot...Editorial Cartoonists' Signatures!!!!!

I just happened to be on eBay tonight to get reference for a cartoon I'm working on tomorrow (check back later), and I came across some intriguing items.

Maybe one day, when I'm more secure in my profession and have won some national awards, someone might be able to profit off my autograph on eBay, just as they seem to have done from these fine cartoonists:

First up is Mike Keefe, editorial cartoonist of the Denver Post. A Fischetti, National Headliners Club, Society of Professional Journalists and Best of the West winner, you can purchase his signature now for the introductory price of $3.99!!!

Next up is my buddy Jimmy Marguiles, the editorial cartoonist at The Record. Jimmy is also a winner of the National Headliner Award and Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition, and also has to his credit the Barryman Award from the National Press Foundation. Maybe that's why his signature is slightly more expensive than Mike's, but still a steal at $4.99!!!!

Last by not least we have another friend of mine, Steve Breen, the editorial cartoonist at the San Diego Union-Tribune. Steve has a lesson for both Mike and Jimmy; If you want to see your signature soar in value on eBay, draw a little sketch by it. That's why Steve's signature is highly demanded, and can be found on eBay for a steal at $25.00!!!

Happy bidding kids!

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