Friday, March 21, 2008

Heroes of the Negro Leagues watercolors

Check out these amazing portraits by comic artist and DC comics editor Mark Chiarello. They were originally done as a set of trading cards to celebrate the baseball greats from the Negro Leagues.

The original works are now being shows at ArtInsights: Animation & Film Arts Gallery in Reston, Virginia, and you can check them out here, along with a brief interview with Chiarello where he talks about the Negro Leagues and how he came to paint the set.

I can look through 200 or more pictures and only one is just right. With my portraits, I try to let the viewer know who that person is, just by looking in their eyes. I think the Cool Papa Bell is the most successful at's why i chose it for the cover. I know the moment i find the right picture for reference, and i'll keep looking as long as it takes...

Also, there is a link to buy Heroes of the Negro Leagues.

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