Saturday, July 05, 2008

Will newspapers ever learn?

I don't understand what's wrong with today's bottom-line-driven editors. I know it's a tough time for advertisers, and people are reading more news online than they ever have before, but why do they continue to gut the most popular items from their paper?

Philadelphia, one of only a handful of cities in the country that continues to have two fantastic daily papers, is also unique because both newspapers are owned by the same guy.

And according to a memo from Managing Editor Sandra D. Long, they're going to consolidate some services between both newspapers like photographers and copy editors.

But wait, there's more!
In addition, we are looking at ways to reduce the number of pages in the Comics section.

I don't understand why newspapers want to cut their comics sections. They're usually a top the list of why people read the newspaper, and they're one of the only features that prove an entry point for younger readers! Why don't editors make a decision to sell advertisements on the pages and expand them rather then cutting them down or running the features increasingly smaller?

They're full-color on Sunday, and plenty of businesses would love to capitalize on the space, since it's one of the more popular sections on Sunday.

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