Saturday, August 23, 2008

McCain quick to criticize Biden as VP

It's finally official. Barack Obama has selected Delaware Senator Joe Biden (D) to be his nominee for vice-president.

He sent the following text-message out to supporters who signed up at 3 am:
Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on Spread the word!

Obviously, this would be historic for Delaware, which has never placed anyone within the White House. And, even though Delaware is a safe Democratic state, this move guarentees that our 3 electroal votes will go to Obama :)

The McCain campaign didn't wait long to slam Obama's decision to put local-boy Joe Biden on the ticket as vice-president.

At least Biden with puch back, unlike Obama, who seems to just want to hand out flowers

And here's some of the local coverage from Delaware's News Journal:

* Plane to pick up Biden at New Castle airport
* Gov. candidate Markell salutes 'dream ticket'
* McCain campaign criticizes Obama's choice
* Out-of-state SUVs roll up to Biden house
* Will Obama make Joe cool?
* Hillary Clinton praises Obama's VP pick
* Non-media crowd grows outside Biden home

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