Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bears gone wild!

I'm re-posting this one because it appears in Wednesday's Philly Inquirer, and I want to give people a shot at letting me know what they think.

The bear hunting issue in New Jersey is a fairly contentious debate between those who think we should control their population through 'non-lethal' methods, and those who are being threatened in their homes and want to blow them away. And bear birth control medication may not be effective based on a new report from the Department of Environmental Protection compiled by three wildlife and contraception vaccine experts, who declared using fertility control to manage New Jersey's black bear population would be costly and ineffective.

Much like everything else in New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

I bet the tree-huggers LOVED this cartoon! They'd rather hand out trojans to bears rather than hunt them and decrease the population.

Anonymous said...

Really funny. Are you going to be doing cartoons regularly for the Inquirer?

Anonymous said...

The government is in a tight spot on this one. Do they allow the possible slaughter of bears, or do they spend a ton of money to find non-lethal methods of population control that are effective.

I know it's a bit complex to cover in a cartoon, but you might want to do something about the position lawmakers are in becasue of the bears, like maybe the bear has the lawmakers against a corner.

Trina said...

Bears are people too, RT. Edible people.