Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time for New Jersey to start sellin' stuff

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New Jersey is in a bad position. People want REAL property tax reform, but unfortunately there is no money to afford it. Hence the idea being floated to sell off assets in order to balance the budget.

It will be interesting to see who the turnpike gets sold to, if it's even sold at all. What if New Jersey sells it to a major corporation, like McDonalds? Then our toll dollars will be going towards Big Macs.

Maybe if New Jersey TAXES the money made by whatever entity ends up owning the Turnpike, then we can begin to talk about a balanced budget.


Trina said...

Too bad hazardous waste isn't a hot commodity. Or the acreage created by all the mile-high bangs.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey will never sell the turnpike, or the parkway, or anything that brings in money to the state. Or they'd be really stupid to.

No, they'll just conitnue to act like they want to give us tax cuts and property tax reform, when they keep raising our taxes to fill the budget.