Friday, January 12, 2007

Do you want to go to Iraq?

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TennesseeWmn said...

Your cartoon sickens me! I have two sons in Iraq, and both are fighting for the freedom that protects YOUR ability to do these anti-american cartoons, so show a little respect.

CartoonFan said...

I love how people who do cartoons opposed to Iraq are somehow all "anti-american." The case with this cartoon, the artist has shown a touching rememberence of a soilder. What you red-blood americans forget is that it's not just statistics that are going on in Iraq. REAL people are dying. Real sons and daughters. And their sacrifice should be marked, regardless how you feel about the war.

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon! Really powerful. I'm sure you've gotten a lot of shit from it though. I just want to be one of the supporters!

Rian said...

Regardless of who the president is, if there's a war, people are going to die. You could take this cartoon to mean many different things, but I think it does a wonderful job of at the same time being negative and yet very positive. That you achieved this is a great display of your talent for the medium. On a purely artistic standpoint, I love the open final panel. Knocking out the borders was a great idea.

In addition, I realize that petty arguments should be beneath me, but... To the poster 'TennesseeWmn', do you realize that you've in the same sentence told the artist that the people you support are fighting for him to be able to draw a cartoon like this, but also that he shouldn't? That's a clear contradiction, because if you're all for his right to free speech inasmuch as you support those fighting for it, why don't you want him to be able to use it?

Draw on, Rob.

NJSoHo said...

Man, great cartoon. You know it's effective when it hits a nerve with people, both positive and negative.

I also agree with Rian, it's cool because you could take it two different ways.

I'll get the paper tomorrow to see what you did.

Rob Tornoe said...

Thanks Rian! I know who's got my back!

One question: When are you going to get some sketches on your blog? It'll force you to draw more!