Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Global warming - convinced?

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With the democrats taking power, there seems to be a lot of chatter on the topic of global warming. Today there's a Reuters article claiming that according to a congressional committee, U.S. scientists were pressured to tailor their writings on global warming to fit the Bush administration's skepticism, in some cases at the behest of a former oil-industry lobbyist. You can read that article here.

Some other interesting articles today on the web:

- California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012

- World scientists near consensus on global warming.

- Scientists preparing grim global warming report

There is also a really cool interactive feature over at the Chicago Tribune by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Salopek, as he traces gasoline sold at a Chicago-area station all the way back to its origins. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

And the Liberal mind-wipe continues...

People are idiots said...

I can't even fathom people that think that Global Warmins doesn't exist, or that man doesn't contribue to the problem.

Its like expecting to see a dinosaur when you leave your house for work.