Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I thought I marked it "private"

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I'm sure you all have heard by now about the plight of Miss New Jersey. For those of you that haven't, Amy Polumbo, the current Miss New Jersey, was mailed a batch of photos that she posted on the social-networking website Facebook. The person that has mailed them continues to be anonymous, and has called for her resignation last month.

And posted today, a story from the Press of Atlantic City reveals that a person or group calling itself the Committee to Save Miss America was behind an alleged blackmail threat demanding Miss New Jersey relinquish her crown, according to a pageant spokeswoman.

So of course, I thought it would be fun to play it off of Corzine's back-and-forth action in terms of New Jersey's powerful labor unions. Seems he still can't shake Carla Katz away, even as he contends in court papers filed today that his e-mail exchanges with his former girlfriend and labor union leader during recent state worker contract negotiations are not subject to disclosure under the state's open records law.

On the web:

‘Committee' sent threat to Miss N.J.

Corzine tells court Katz e-mails should stay private

Here's the sketch:


Anonymous said...

Did Corzine also post the emails he exchanged with Carla Katz? How about the meeting notes of him completely caving in to labor's demands? Or his details on the monetization of our toll roads?


NJ SoHo said...

Won't it be creepy to find out that the emails between him and Katz are sex chat emails, and reveal the inner working of Corzine's sick, perverted mind?

I need to go take a shower...