Monday, July 09, 2007

Transform and roll out...pollution!

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I'm officially back from Washington and this year's American Association of Editorial Cartoonists' convention. I have some pictures I'll post soon, I swear!

Speaking on this cartoon, I haven't seen the new Transformers, and other than a morbid curiosity, I really don't have any intention to. The Transformers themselves look terrible. And it's directed by Michael Bay, so it's already got a couple of really crappy things going for it.

However, I would go see it if Optimus Prime looked like this:

Here's the sketch:


Lucas Turnbloom said...

Yes! That cartoon made me frickin' crack-up this morning! Nicely done!

mr. Kane said...

...or, you would go see the movie, if it was black and white :P hehehe