Monday, July 30, 2007

Is Monetization dead?

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Is "Monetization" dead? Probably not. Corzine hasn't released any details of his plan yet, and has said he won't consider doing so until after the November elections.

But is "Monetization" in danger of being dead politically? Yes.

Corzine continues to claim that he doesn't have the plan nailed down yet, but he and Abelow have been working on this thing for quite some time, so they must have some working knowledge of the plan they'd like to put forward. If they don't, what have they been working on all this time? Maybe they have a plan like the one recently put forward for the Lincoln Tunnel; pay $30 for a fast-lane past traffic that can zip you into the city in no time! Would you pay $30 to bypass Exit 8 on the turnpike? How about $50 for a fast lane on the parkway from Toms River down to Atlantic City?

The possible saving grace for the governor; the spectre of raising taxes. A Monmouth University/Gannett poll released last Wednesday clearly showed that a majority of people would prefer monetization over higher taxes. Corzine could take the position that the choice for New Jerseyans would be higher taxes, or asset monetization.

Hooray!!! The government is safe!!! The spending may continue!!!

Here's the sketch:


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mcmid said...

It's not will be rammed down our throats after the election. It is such a good idea and such a benefit for the citizens of the state that Corzine can't do it prior to the elections. That is all you need to know about it. If it was a geat idea, don't you think Corzine would have it out in the open so the Democrats could crow about it heading into the election?

Anonymous said...

If it were a great idea, wouldn't the GOP take credit for it and support it?

GOP once favored asset utilization