Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Corzine: Hold Me Accountable

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This week, it's "Hold me accountable" week over at PoliticsNJ, refering to a repeated statement by our beloved governor during his inargural address in 2006.

Here's a cartoon I did a couple of weeks ago that goes along with all of this:

And here are some articles on PoliticsNJ under the "Hold me accountable" banner:

Corzine the Tentative Reformer
David Rebovich

Despite criticism, Corzine manages to float along
Matt Friedman

Lance hammers Corzine-Riccio connection
Max Pizarro

Corzine v. Codey
Max Pizarro

Welcome to "Hold Me Accountable" Week on PoliticsNJ.com
Wally Edge

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