Thursday, September 27, 2007

NJ Democratic Party Conference Sketches

Last month, I had the good fortune to cover the Democratic Party's 2007 Conference in Atlantic City for The Press. It's the first time I've ever tired to cover an event like this by sketching, but I learned some valuable lessons that I'll take with me next time.

It was just a shame that the only national candidate to show up was Hillary (strong-armed by her buddy Corzine). Maybe this proves that it was a waste of time and money to push up New Jersey's primary date, a fact I bemoaned in a cartoon I did that weekend:

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The best part of the luncheon had to be when Hillary threw out a line that she considers herself an honorary New Jerseyan, but that she doesn't want New Jersey to, "...charge any more property taxes than what I pay across the river in New York." Yeah, uncomfortable reaction by state Dems at best.

Anyway, on to the sketches:

Hillary may have been the only candidate to attend
the conference, but supporters of both Obama
and Edwards were on hand to simply support
their candidates, or in the case of
U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman, taking a swipe
at Hillary to do so.

No matter how much they preach 'Party of the people,' normal
folks still seem to stand outside of the political process.

Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts wearingly fields reporters'
questions about Mims Hackett Alfred Steele, 2 assemblymen
netted in the latest round of arrests
by U.S. Attorney Chris Christie.

United we bargain, divided we beg...unless your represented
by the Governor's former girlfriend.

Lobbyists and their electronic devices swarm
outside the conference.

The "honorary New Jerseyan" tries her best to play off
a property-tax jab she unintentionally aimed at the democratic
leadership in attendance.

Just a random face awash in a sea of politicos.

More interesting faces.

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Anonymous said...

Joe Roberts looks great, but where's George Norcross?