Monday, September 10, 2007

Were you ready for some football?

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It wasn't a good day for the teams from NJ/NY. The Jets lost (once again) to the Patriots in the Meadowlands, while the Giants fell in a high-scoring game to the Wade Philips' led Cowboys. And to add injury to insult, both Chad Pennington and Eli Manning were hurt.

My Buffalo Bills didn't fare any better, loosing on a last-second field goal by the Broncos. Now, I may be biased, but will the refs EVER call holding on the Broncos? It's ridiculious! There were at least 8 plays I saw where holding was blatant, right at the point of attack. I know the NFL backed the referees off the line of scrimmage this year as a precaution against injury, but com'on!!!

And don't let me just blame it on the Broncos. J.P. Losman took a step back to say...2005!!!! He had less than 100 yards passing, and after Elam missed from 43 yards with a little over 3 minutes in the game, the Bills only ran 1:19 off the clock thanks to a bone-headed incomplete J.P. Losman pass on an attempted deep route to Lee Evans. Hmmmm, Marshawn Lynch was averaging over 5 yards a carry, and we need to run time off the clock. LETS PASS IT! Thanks 'I don't know DICK...Jauron.' From that point, Denver took possession with 2:13 to go, and it used literally every last second to win the game.

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Joel Lolar said...

those damn cheating patriots!!!!!!