Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Presidential Candidates one-on-one

For all you politicos out there, the Des Moines Register has posted a great feature on their website, 10 one-on-one questions to the major 2008 presidential candidates, although Fred Thompson is nowhere to be seen...probably dozing off in a hammock somewhere.

The Register asked each of 16 candidates 10 thoughtful questions in 10 minutes, questions like "How do you go about educating yourself on an important topic that you don't know much about?" and "Other than running for president, what's the biggest risk you've ever taken and what have you learned from it?" They're the kind of questions job interviewers love to ask, and ones that candidates don't ordinarily have to face. Plus, they weren't given any notice of the questions, and didn't have time to either prep with their advisors, or have the luxury of hearing another candidate's response, ala a debate.

Good stuff. Check it out here.

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