Friday, October 05, 2007

Rudy Giuliaini - the President of 9/11

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Both Clinton and Giuliaini hold enormous leads in New Jersey, and state republicans are trying to use Rudy to their advantage. Just this week, State Senator Sonny McCullough and 1st District candidate Nick Asselta attempted to suckle on the 9/11-tit in order to raise some much needed cash.

Too bad much of the GOP, especially in the 1st District, remain uninterested in the current crop of Republican candidates, Fred Thompson included. At this point, the GOP's presidential campaign could be summed up with a giant yawn.

Here is some biased coverage of the event in Cape May:

Asselta/Giuliani Rally Flop
Blue Jersey

“Count” On It: Rudy Rocked the New Jersey Cape
Red Jersey

And less-biased ones:

Giuliani Makes Campaign Stop in Cape May
Cape May Herald

America's mayor courts Cape May
Press of Atlantic City

Here's the sketch:

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NJSoHo said...

Great caricature, made me laugh for sure. The President of 9/11 has never looked better :)