Saturday, October 06, 2007

Your Fightin' Phils...

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Oh those Philadelphia Phillies. Coming back from 9 games down, winning the division, making the playoffs...

And yet, I bet that most Phillies fans thought it would go down like this, and continue to be unoptimistic about games 3-5. But this collapse still isn't as bad as 1964:

1964 was an unforgettable year of heartbreak in the city of Brotherly Love . With 12 games remaining in the season the Phillies had a 6.5 game lead over St. Louis and were selling World Series tickets only to collapse into a 10-game losing streak and a legendary choke/second place finish. Manager Gene Mauch would forever be vilified by Philadelphia fans and media, though he did not depart until the middle of 1968.

Phillies Notebook
Philadelphia Inquirer

Here's the sketch:

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