Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mitt Romney is a fool (updated)

Just finished watching the CNN YouTube debate, and was pleasantly surprised that my fellow cartoonist, Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle, slipped in the question above.

He actually made three total, and the other two can be seen on his blog here.

But the question/answer of the night went to Mitt Romney, who sounded a lot like our current torturer-in-chief in answering a question on waterboarding: How can any of you disagree with McCain on it, and he's against it?
I oppose torture. As to whether waterboarding is torture, I don't think it's wise for us to describe which measures we would and would not use.

Romney got a little testy when McCain became offended. He dropped the name of people with experience that he gets advice from, like Cofer Black of Blackwater fame.

McCain responded with this:
Life is not '24' and Jack Bauer

Romney also fumbled when Anderson Cooper pointed out that Romney once wished for the day that openly gay men and women could serve in our military. When asked if he still believes that, Romney responded, "Today is not that day."

Updated 11/29/07 at 3:36 p.m.

Over on the Daily Cartoonist, Alan has posted the response of the candidates to Nick Anderson question above:

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Rob M said...

If people who watched the debate realized who Coffer Black is there would be a lot more focus on this. I think it is imperative that this is further questioned. Mitt has proven that he will do whatever he is told by so called experts. If Mitt Romney is elected then Coffer Black leader of the Presidents private army is also elected. Even if this doesn't create a huge scandal it should be known that most of Romney's decisions will be made by leaders of special interests.