Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why won't Obama and Edwards appear on Fox?

A friend of mine just forwarded me this video on YouTube. It's amazing. I wonder why Edwards and Obama won't appear on Fox Noise?

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Eric Sedler said...

I can't watch Fox News for more than 10 minutes when they are covering politics without laughing. (And I'm a Republican)
That being said, every network has a bias..most of them lean to the other side, including CNN. I often watch and link CNN however, because their bias isn't so obvious as fox news. More importantly, people don't believe they are bias. Alas it's hard to look through the scope with partisan eyes but you can definately sense some bias in the way Republicans are treated compared to Democrats. Not saying Republicans don't deserve the negative media attention, but the attention should be equally distributed.
Think about this for a second..
MSM (CNN primarily) has dug up some incredibly negative stories on each of the republican front runners. Meanwhile Hillary hasn't heard much lately, although she has been targeted a little bit. Barack Obama is barely ever touched by CNN and other networks. He's almost the golden boy, if you will. This isn't because he never did anything wrong, if you look enough there are negatives out there. Alas CNN had no problem going back to 1992 to find dirt on Mike Huckabee and his seemingly ignorant comments on AIDS isolation. But back in 1992 how much did anyone know about aids?
The Republican YouTube debate was another huge example, no not the gay general who is on a Clinton campaign committee, but the questions in general. After illegal immigration how many questions were significant policy issues that will change? The Bible question, what would jesus do, abortion? None of those issues ever change, how are they of any importance? I really do love the Roe v. Wade debate appearing this presidential election and the abortion issue existing, when Republicans were in control of Congress and the presidency abortion wasn't banned, why would a different president change that when it's a supreme court decision that would have to be overruled by congress or another case to the supreme court?
Sadly, the Iowa Des Moines register debate had so much better questions, yet CNN ripped it and basically called it boring. Because it focused on policy issues a president could legitimately change or play a role in?!
MSM killed John McCain and labeled immigration reform bill as "amnesty". My friends to the right of me (after all I'm not thattt conservative) followed through and absolutely ripped him apart. It looks like he has comeback to a point, but still hurts in funds and has an outside shot. Where was MSM when the bill was tried a few years didn't get through but nobody seemed to know about it?
MSM has constantly killed Rudy..politico broke a story that could have been known years ago, the information was out there. His personal life is the public's business and his son supporting Obama was a huge deal. I'm not a Rudy supporter but there hasn't been many positives about him at all out there..he really doesn't mention 9/11 every time he speaks and yet he gets that criticism..often from some conservatives who are intent on ending him because he's pro-choice.
Romney has been killed because he's a flip flopper (rightfully so in most cases)..but they are going after him.
Huckabee has had a negative story come out about him almost every day since he got front runner status, plus he gets the fun of having to deal with Club For Growth after him. God Forbid he raised a cigarette tax! (and a small number of others) The laugable conspiracy about a cross in the background of his TV ad (the bookshelf) was a main story on CNN. HOW?!
Fred Thompson gets blasted for being lazy (well if the shoe fits.. I suppose)
The only one they haven't taken out yet is Ron Paul and he's voted No on almost everything, trust me there's some NO votes that really amaze me.

It's clear that MSM is targeting. Fox News kills Democrats..I don't expect them to go on the shows. But Republicans should not go on any CNN shows that constantly target them while letting Obama roam free and Hillary breath..keep the criticism equal, I can't remember the last time I heard a negative story on Hillary or Obama or any of the Dems.
Alas everyone has some kind of bias, the best one's are the one's that at least admit it.