Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Arizona: A woman scorned

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Here's today's cartoon over at PolitickerAZ.com.

So how many people out there are asking, "Who is Janet Napolitano?" Well, if you're not in the southwest, Napolitano is the Governor of Arizona, and her endorsement of Barack Obama could be significant in a state now regarded as winnable by a Democratic presidential candidate after decades as a near-lock for Republicans.

Granted, the endorsement might defy conventional wisdom. As a woman, you might assume that Napolitano would gravitate towards Clinton. (Also, Bill Clinton appointed Napolitano as a U.S. Attorney for Arizona in the 90s, you might think she owes it to the power couple.) But the results of the Iowa caucus, where Obama pulled in more female voters than Clinton, illustrated that for many women gender isn’t everything.

Here's the sketch:

More on the Napolitano endorsement

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