Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Jersey: The King's Highways

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This week, Corzine continued to push his financial restructuring plan throughout the state. I've already commented in the cartoon below that I think Corzine has his plan stuck in his head, and is willing to 'hear' other people's suggestions while not really 'listening' to them.

Jon Corzine, Asset Monetization
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An interesting side note is the size of our unmentioned behemoth state government, which won't be cut, and will probably grow under his plan. Everyone in the state might be po'd in different degrees by Corzine's plan, but the state workers prefer it over actually loosing their jobs, or having their job's eliminated. So it's "woo-hoo" by them.

Unless they live near the turnpike or the parkway.

As a side note, since 'The Wizard of Trenton' is a play off the popular "Wizard of Id', I always try to draw it as if it were on the comics page. This time around, the strip I've included below it is 'Cul de Sac,' one of my favorite new strips, by the very awesome Richard Thompson. If you've never reads it, check it out here, and go check out Richard's blog here.

Here's the sketch:

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