Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Arizona: Will Bee Resign to Run?

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Everyone give a big fat hello to the newest member of the Politicker family, PolitickerAZ.com. Today's cartoon centers around Senate President Tim Bee and his "run" for congress.

Arizona has a Resign to Run law, which means simply that unless elected officials are in the last year of their term, they cannot run for another office without resigning. Bee has refused to step aside, waiting it out until 2008 when his term ends in order to side step the law. Of course, this is just accomplished by technicality rather than living up to the spirit of the law.

Here's a quote from Doug Thornell, Spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:
“Tim Bee’s ongoing attempt to use his exploratory committee as a shield from Arizona’s Resign to Run law is fooling nobody. We’ve now learned that Tim Bee is holding posh campaign fundraisers to cozy-up to special interests, while still maintaining the farce that he is not using his Senate position as a tool to raise money for his congressional run."

Here's the sketch:

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