Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Jersey: Corzine 'monetization' details slip out before speech

The Press of Atlantic City has an Associated Press report that The Wizard of Trenon will reveal his plan today to increase tolls on New Jersey's busiest highways by at least 50 percent every four years starting in 2010.

From the Press:
Corzine was set to unveil the plan later in the day during his afternoon State of the State address, but four Statehouse officials told The Associated Press Monday that tolls would increase 50 percent in 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022 under Corzine's proposal.

I'll most definitely have a cartoon on this later tonight (hopefully) so check back later and often after the Wizard's speech.

Here's a cartoon I did on the mess a couple of months back:

rob tornoe, tornoe, political cartoon, New Jersey Budget, Corzine, Asset Monetization

And here's the link to the story:

Corzine to pitch increasing tolls 50 percent every four years
Press of Atlantic City

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Anonymous said...

Here are a few good articles to read;
#1 is about Mark Florian he works for a company called Goldman Sachs seems he's traveling around the country talking Governor's into selling their assets, sound familar?
#2 is about you guessed it Goldman Sachs again, seems they help liquidate this company, you have to read it to believe it.
#3 is about the first genius Governor to come up with this plan and he touted it as a 10 year plan to help build roads and bridges and not even 1 year later they announced they don't have enough money to do it.
#4 is about Goldman Sachs and conflicts of interest.
1-Click on the link below to read about Mark Florian from Goldman Sachs advising Governors to sell their roads for a fire sale price!

And here's a good one to read!
Montana Power Company deal brokered by Goldman/Sachs

Indiana doesn't have enough money for their 10 year plan, didn't quite make 1 year.

This is the best one;