Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alberto and his poorly run department

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Poor, poor Alberto. He got far by hitching his wagon to Bush, but it seems the ride is close to being over.

Attempting to use the Patriot Act to swiftly replace U. S. attorneys that weren't lock-and-step with the Bush administration, Gonzales has found himself on an island where his chief of staff has resigned, and Bush has singled his Attorney General out as having to go up to Capitol Hill and fix these "mistakes."

Mistakes that the White House had to know about and be involved in.

And if Gonzales is telling the truth that he had no knowledge of the discussions going on about the individual attorneys, then he really doesn't, as Senator Charles Schumer of New York suggests, "...have the foggiest idea of what's going on."

Here's the sketch:


Anonymous said...

Great toon! The only person in this administration dumber that W is this moron.

Redradar said...

Very well done! Thank you for sharing this cartoon with us.

The Anti-Hammer said...

Great Sentiment,good intentions,excellent caricature.
Sorry to say that no US paper will ever carry it or any other which does not in some way celebrate the status quo of corporate domination.
However it is most important that You continue to do the cartoon and with passion.
The surest way to usher in the newest era in the sad book of Robber Barons is to say or do nothing.
Much progress has been made in the struggle to hold the whitehouse staff and by proxy the corporates
who supply the infrastructure,
accountable to the US constitution
and bill of rights.

The Noosance said...

These are great. You should keep this going as a series. I have a post today in the same clueless vein:


yellowdog granny said...

ahh, great 'toon...I don't know what I am enjoying more..the fact that Bush's crew is hussling to cover their asses, yet again..or that I am being proven right about the assholes, yet once again..sigh* life can be fun if you have a sense of humor..